The Benefits of Biltek

“The achievements of an origination are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

— Vince Lombardi —

Biltek Claim Guarantee

At Biltek, we take pride in the fact that we aggressively work ALL claims until payment is rendered, or the claim is adjudicated. The reality is claims can expire for timely filing. When this happens, we feel it is our moral obligation to ensure our clients are paid.

This is where our Biltek Claim Guarantee comes into play. Our company was created with the fundamental principle that we are in business to ensure our clients are paid.  And, because of our moral compass, we pay our clients for any claims that may expire for timely filing due to a mistake made at the hands of one of our team members.

Our Many Benefits

Specialize in providing a concierge style of service.

We individualize a billing model suited to your specifications, so the process of billing is made easier for you and your staff.

Only employ highly qualified experienced billers.

We hire top notch billers within the industry who are seasoned with claims processing, denial resolution, and appeals adjudication. In return, our clients pay less for the same expertise, which becomes a win-win scenario for everyone.
We assign you a personal Account Representative as your direct daily point of contact who oversees the billing details of your account. Your Account Manager will always have full knowledge of your account and all activities surrounding your revenue.

Become an extension of your offices.

At Biltek, our primary objective is to become an extension of your office, and provide you with the sense of having your own personal billing department. We achieve this through daily interaction with our clients, to ensure every question and/or concern is addressed promptly.

Offer a web based system that allows our clients 24/7 access to view their account at all times.

Many providers become overwhelmed at the thought of outsourcing their billing because to them, it means giving up control to someone else. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Biltek provides our clients with a web based system that allows them 24/7 access to view their account at all times.

We house a First Class A/R Department with Seasoned Professionals.

At Biltek, we have three forms of protection that will act as a safety net to protect your claims from expiring for timely filing. On the front end, our diligent Account Managers actively work your A/R to ensure no claims go unprocessed. On the back end, our superior team of A/R department experts, actively seek out unpaid claims that payers conveniently leave unprocessed. This creates two lines of defense for our clients to ensure we collection every penny you are entitled to. And our final safe guard in place to protect you, is our Biltek Claims Guarantee.
For more information see our Biltek Claims Guarantee.

Consistently beat national averages regarding claims processing time, A/R numbers, collection rates, and days in A/R.

At Biltek, we take pride in our work and always ensure our clients are being taken care of. We achieve this through diligence and attention to detail when working every single claim until its paid in full.
We have a dedicated A/R department, that acts as a safety net to our Account Managers to ensure no claim goes unpaid.