Biltek, Inc.

Serving Northern California

We work as an extension of your practice as your trusted advisor to help your practice grow. Our complete team brings an eye for critical details while also seeing the big picture.

We help you catch missed billing opportunities and identify opportunities to be more efficient.

We are in constant communication, keeping you informed and answering questions.

We bring together the unique details of your practice with the most current insights of the industry to play an active role in the financial success of your practice.

Biltek is honored to be serving all of Northern California as a full service medical billing and reimbursement company who specializes in working with large groups.  We provide our clients with a concierge style of service, and individualize billing models, to make the process of billing easier for you and your staff. Our primary objective is become an extension of your office, and provide you with the sense of having your own personal billing department.

Many medical practices struggle with a deprivation of cash flow. By hiring us, your revenue will be maximized, while drastically minimizing your overhead. We consistently slay national averages regarding claims processing time, A/R numbers, collection rates, and days in A/R. This is due to our commitment to ensuring clean claims are going out, and denied claims are fought for until paid.

“Their concierge style of service, truly provides us with an “in-house” billing feel. Their willingness to communicate directly with our clinics and Administrative daily is an added benefit.”

– Steve Hammarstrom, VP of Outpatient Clinics at Fremont-Rideout Health Group –

At Biltek, we hire top notch billers within the industry, and in return, our clients pay less for the same expertise; it’s a win-win for everyone. In addition to the direct financial benefits of higher returns and lower costs, you will also save in the more difficult to quantify areas of time, stress, and office space.

Many providers become overwhelmed at the thought of outsourcing their billing because to them, it means giving up control to someone else. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Biltek provides our clients with a web based system that allows them 24/7 access to view their account at all times. In addition to having unlimited access to your own data, we are accessible whenever needed, and all billing is processed in-house.

The healthcare landscape is an ever changing industry, and medical billing has not been spared from the revolving wheel of change. Keeping up with rules, regulations, and requirements is difficult under the best circumstances. At Biltek, we are dedicated to educating ourselves within the industry to ensure our clients are always being taken care of.

Biltek Claim Guarantee

At Biltek, we take pride in the fact that we aggressively work ALL claims until payment is rendered, or the claim is adjudicated. The reality is claims can expire for timely filing. When this happens, we feel it is our moral obligation to ensure our clients are paid.

This is where our Biltek Claim Guarantee comes into play. Our company was created with the fundamental principle that we are in business to ensure our clients are paid.  And, because of our moral compass, we pay our clients for any claims that may expire for timely filing due to a mistake made at the hands of one of our team members.

Biltek’s Associations

Biltek takes pride in our efforts to stay, not only current, but ahead of compliance standards whenever possible. These are more than just symbols of association. They represent safety, security, compliance and piece of mind for dozens of our clients. We put our hours and our skills to good use so that you succeed. Your success is our success. Contact us and give our services a shot. The benefits will speak for themselves.

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  • Medical Coders In Marysville And Sacramento
  • Medical Coders In Marysville And Sacramento
  • Medical Coders In Marysville And Sacramento