Helping your practice grow through medical billing.

Helping your practice grow through medical billing.

Biltek is not just a Medical Billing Company.
Our goal is to be your Medical Billing Department.
We work closely with you to shape our services to fit your vision for your practice.
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The Benefits of Biltek

Your Trusted Medical Billing Partner


We specialize in providing a concierge style of service.


We become an extension of your office.

24/7 Access

We offer 24/7 access to our proprietary web based system to view your account.


HIPAA Compliant.


We consistently beat national averages regarding claims processing time, A/R numbers, collection rates, days in A/R, and other pertinent matrixes.


Accessible at all times during business hours via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or emails.


You will have a personal Account Representative for your daily billing questions and/or concerns.

Biltek Claim Guarantee

We guarantee you that you’ll never lose money due a claim expiring for timely filing at the hands of a Biltek team member.

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Your Questions Answered

Why Medical Providers Outsource Their Billing

What you can do to drastically reduce your rejection rate, increase your overall cash-flow and dramatically shorten the payment time from insurers. Practicing doctors explain the advantages of having their billing handled entirely by an outside company.

Biltek Client Testimonials

How many medical billing companies can say they have a personal relationship with every one of their clients? Biltek can! Here’s what one of our happy clients had to say about us:

“During my last 5 years in practice, I had four billers before Biltek. When I closed my practice, my last biller quit without notice, leaving me with a complex billing nightmare. Despite the apparent lack of future business, Biltek worked with me to find an affordable way to salvage what we could from the mess. Thanks Biltek”Dr. Larry Ozeran

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Biltek News Blog

At Biltek we successfully manage medical billings for over 100 providers each year. We are well-versed in the industry, enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve acquired.

Our medical billing blog has some helpful hints and things to look at in your practice regarding medical billing.

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